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5 Ways to Support Your Child with Autism During Virtual Schooling

While COVID-19 has significantly impacted all aspects of daily life, there are steps parents can take

The pandemic has impacted our emotional well-being and daily routines in countless ways. One of the most difficult of these changes for millions of schoolchildren has been a transition to virtual schooling. In these unprecedented times, there are things that parents can do for their children with autism to provide additional supports.

Many of the things that parents can do for their children center around two key principles – structure and communication. Set expectations. No child likes to be surprised, or not know what to expect, particularly when their routines have been so heavily disrupted. Open a line of communication with your child’s teachers to better understand what’s coming in terms of lesson plans and the like, so that you can plan ahead. Request accommodations where necessary, such as additional time for completing tasks and assignments, and provide frequent breaks, so that sitting at a table for long stretches of time is limited to instructional time as much as possible. Lastly, remember to breathe, and be patient. This is a difficult time for everyone, but someday you and your child will be back to your normal routines again. Until then, give yourself and those around you some grace and understanding.5 Ways To Support Your Child With Autism During Virtual Schooling

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