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autism spectrum disorder facts and statistics


April 2022 marks the fifteenth annual World Autism Acceptance Month.  The United Nation General Assembly established April 2nd as the official day to highlight the need to improve the quality of life of those with autism so they can lead full and meaningful lives as an integral part of society.

How to Get Involved in World Autism Acceptance Month 2022

Acceptance of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is integral in improving the lives of those affected by it as well as their loved ones. It requires the necessary transition from awareness to acceptance of neurodiverse individuals to promote inclusion, that leads to an improved quality of life. Supporting the ASD community in any capacity is the first step in making the world a more accepting, tolerant, and knowledgeable place for all.

Support Autism Research

In addition to participating in one of the events listed below, our friends at Autism Speaks are raising funds to support autism research and critical support.  Please consider sharing this message with others who support autism research.

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Virtual Events

To celebrate a supportive world for neurodiverse individuals, there are events taking place nationwide.  Below is a collection of events to consider joining in April. We encourage you to take part in any of these or other events to better understand our incredible, diverse community.

All 2022 Autism Acceptance Month events have ended.

Autism Spectrum Disorder Facts

  • ASD affects an estimated 1 in every 54 children in the United States today, according to the Centers for Disease Control. 
  • It affects all socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds, with boys being four times more likely to be diagnosed than girls.
  • An early diagnosis can be beneficial and effective in improving learning, skills, and development.
  • An estimated 31% of children with ASD also have an intellectual disability.

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