The Holiday’s are hectic enough but for a family with a child with autism it can add even more stress.

Here are a few things that can help keep the season bright!

1.  Keeping your child on his/her routine will help minimize behaviors during the time off from school or in home or clinic services.

2.  The lights, the sounds, the smells, relatives and guests are the main culprits to sensory overload during the holidays. Try to minimize how much company and excitement is around at one time in order to prevent tantrums, aggression and self-injurious behavior.

3.  The tree and the decorations may cause issues so try decorating the tree while the children are asleep.

4.  Shopping with a child with autism is stressful enough but during the Holidays with the crowds and decorations could be a stressful situation. Make it easy on yourself and order gifts online- 80% of all purchases during black Friday were made online so join the revolution.

5.  Visual or tactile toys are often a better choice for children with autism and other neuropsychological disorders. Toys that make loud sounds or involve too much stimulation or are too complex and may cause a bad reaction. Check out the websites below that have toys for kiddos with autism:
6.  Talk with relatives and guests about your child so they are not surprised if there is a behavior or meltdown. Educate them on autism; the more people who understand ASD the better!

7.  Generally, kids do better in the morning than in the late afternoon or evening when they are tired. Schedule events and gatherings earlier in the day rather than late in the day.
8.  Above all, parents need a break. Having children is hard but parents with a child with autism have another level of stress. Take time for yourself, relax and try to enjoy the holidays as much as possible. You deserve it.

9.  Have realistic expectations, things may not be perfect but the real meaning of Christmas is having your family together, focus on that rather than making sure everything is perfect. No matter what your situation, perfection is what you make it.

Autism Learning Partners works with families with children with autism every day and we celebrate YOU this Holiday season.

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