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5 Ways Our Team Members Are Rigorously Prepared To Work With Children With Autism

At Autism Learning Partners, it is our mission to provide the highest level of clinical expertise to facilitate significant and sustainable improvement for the individuals and families we serve. It is our goal to support families along their journey, every step of the way. From helping to navigate insurance and understanding the 7 steps to starting autism services, to hand-selecting each child’s Clinical Team, we are here for our families from day one. 

A common concern for new families about to embark on their ABA journey is whether the staff will be adequately prepared for the unique challenges of every family unit. Given that your clinical team will become an integral part of your family’s routine, we absolutely understand the validity and importance of this inquiry. As such, we strive to curate exceptional talent to join our team, with an enormous emphasis on our team members who directly serve and work with our clients and their families.

A Behavior Technician (BT) is the ALP staff member who will work in our center or go to your home and/or school with your child and implement the goals and teaching strategies previously decided on by the Behavior Analyst. The BT is responsible for the day-to-day learning and growth of your child and will be a consistent presence in the life of your family. As such, ALP employs an extensive training program to certify that your child will receive unparalleled care.

Our substantial Behavior Technician training includes the following highlights:

1. Minimum 47 hours of training

All training and assessment tools are developed based on the requirements of the Registered Behavior Technician® (RBT®) credential. The RBT credential is a paraprofessional certification in behavior analysis that also requires minimum age, education, and competency standards. Our supervisors ensure that the required coursework is completed in its entirety within the first three weeks of employment with ALP.

2. Ongoing Development & Mentorship

Our Training Team includes the following essential members:

  • BCBA Leaders
  • Training Managers
  • National Trainers
  • Regional Trainers
  • Field Trainers

Our structured regional teams secure a checks-and-balances system to ensure multiple trained professionals oversee any one client’s program and progress. 

3. Curriculum

We cover a wide range of topics and methods during our program. A brief sampling includes:

  • Clinical Training 
    • Role playing and discussion
    • Reviewing sample therapy session footage
    • Strategies and responsiveness
  • Compliance (safety, HIPAA, legal, health standards, etc.)
  • Mandated reporting

4. Post-Training

At ALP, once our training has been completed, we provide continued support, check-ins, observations, and evaluations to make sure our Behavior Technicians have all the tools they need in order to make a difference in your child’s life. Post-training includes the following:

  • Field support visits
  • Structured monthly support meetings
  • Regular direct supervision
  • Annual compliance training

5. Key Performance Indicators

Our Behavior Technicians are routinely evaluated by experienced team members to verify they are effectively achieving program goals and upholding ALP’s quality standards. A variety of key performance indicators are assessed to make certain our Behavior Technicians, and your child, are making remarkable progress together.

At Autism Learning Partners, our Behavior Technicians are the familiar faces that will guide you and your child on this journey of growth. In order to maximize this growth, we  employ stringent training to ensure that our qualified team of Behavior Technicians provide exceptional, expert service to help your child reach their potential.

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