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Figuring out insurance and payment details can often feel overwhelming, and we realize your time is better spent focusing on the health of your family. Simply fill out this insurance form and we’ll be in touch with the help you need.

Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

Why am I being asked to keep a credit card on file?

In order to ensure an accurate and timely client billing process, Autism Learning Partners automates credit card charging for rendered services at the point when your claim is processed by your insurance company. In order to automate this process, we ask clients to keep their credit card on file for the duration of care. Please keep in mind that there will be no charges made to your card until your treatment begins. Also, having your card on file does not obligate you to use ALP for care, if you decide tochoose a different ABA provider. Our credit card processing system is secure and once your card is on file the only visible information will be the last four digits which you will see on your receipts.

What happens to my credit card information once I fill out the Patient Responsibility form?

Autism Learning Partners staff will record your credit card information into our secure system. We will redact your credit card information from the signed Patient Responsibility Form and scan into our system.

If I am uncomfortable storing my credit card am I able to just get a bill?

Yes. If you do not feel comfortable keeping a credit card on file you will receive a statement in the mail. You can pay your statement by mail or by contacting our Customer Service team who is available to take your payment over the phone. Please note this process may take longer for you to receive a bill for services rendered and may arrive after you receive your Explanation of Benefits from your insurance company.

I have insurance. Why am I being asked to pay?

Your patient responsibility portion depends on your insurance coverage. During the Intake process, Autism Learning Partners staff will verify the insurance information you provide as well as the copayment, coinsurance, and deductible related to your plan and provide this information to you. Your patient responsibility portion will be charged or billed to you after your insurance adjudicates your claim to ensure the correct amount. Please contact your insurancecompany or refer to your benefit plan for more information about what your out-of-pocket costs may be related to your care.

I have a secondary insurance, but my credit card was charged. What should I do?

Autism Learning Partners will not initially charge your card for patient responsibility if you have a secondary insurance on file. We will bill your secondary insurance for any outstanding balance, following your primary. You will be billed for any patient responsibility balance remaining after all insurance plans adjudicate your claims. Please note: if you have recently added secondary insurance to your coverage or you did not list a secondary insurance during your intake process please let an ALP staff member know so we can verify your coverage and add it to our system.

Can I pay my bill at the office?

Yes. Autism Learning Partners staff are happy to take your payment if you have received and invoice and would like to pay at the time of service. You can also pay your statement via mail or using the contact phone number on the statement.

I saw a charge on my credit card. How do I know it’s from Autism Learning Partners?

The merchant name that will appear on a credit card charge is Autism Learning Partners. You will also receive an email receipt at the time your card is charged from If you do not see a receipt please check your email’s spam folder.

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