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Autism Therapy in Fresno

Autism Therapy in Fresno


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We individualize treatment and will embed a variety of ABA strategies to ensure that the child makes progress towards their goals.

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Autism Therapy in Fresno
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Fresno Location:

6770 N West Ave
Suite 105
Fresno CA 93711

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Services We Offer in Fresno

Icon with building and cog representing Center-Based ABA Therapy

Center-Based ABA Therapy

Center-based ABA services allow your child to learn a variety of skills in a structured environment. This setting enables generalization of skills in a less familiar environment.

Icon with a house for Home-Based ABA Therapy

Home-Based ABA Therapy

Home-based ABA services allow teaching to occur in the child’s natural environment and incorporates learning within the child’s natural routine

early intervention autism

Early Intervention

Research indicates that early, high intensity intervention, often 2-4 years old may have the best outcomes for improving your child’s development.

Icon of hands waving for Social Skills Program service

Social Skills Program

Achievement in the domain of social interaction greatly improves the quality of life for a learner and we place a premium on screening, assessment, and individually tailored interventions.

Icon of parent reading with child for Parent Education & Training

Parent Education & Training

It has been proven that parents who are actively involved in their child’s therapy often see more progress in their children. Our clinical team is trained to build success for the entire family unit.

Icon of a doctor on a computer screen for Telehealth Services

Telehealth Services

Telehealth is a tool that allows us to deliver Applied Behavior Analysis services directly to families using electronic telecommunication technology.

Icon of multidirectional arrows for Comprehensive ABA Therapy service

Comprehensive ABA Therapy

Our processes to improve cognition, adaptive, social, and emotional domains range from structured lessons to more naturalistic programming that can look like play, chore completion, or conversation.

Icon of eye looking though apature for Focused ABA Therapy service

Focused ABA Therapy

Focused ABA services are for individuals who (a) need treatment only for a limited number of key functional skills, or (b) have such an acute problem behavior that its treatment needs to be prioritized.

About Autism Learning Partners in Fresno

Autism Learning Partners (formerly Pacific Child & Family Associates) began offering services to children with autism and other development disabilities, and their families, in 1988. The company was an early proponent of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and quickly adopted this clinical methodology as the cornerstone of its services to children and families. Autism Learning Partners now offers treatment services in many states across the US, collaborating with doctors, therapist, families, schools, and specialists for complete, effective care.

Our Mission

The mission of Autism Learning Partners is to provide the highest level of clinical expertise to facilitate significant and sustainable improvement for the individuals and families we serve.

Our Vision

Autism Learning Partners strives to give hope, support and paths of progress for children and their families living with Autism and related disorders. We believe that a tailored, comprehensive care plan managed by our exceptional clinical talent, partnered with love and commitment from the family, allows each child to achieve their maximum potential.

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Meet Your Fresno Team

A picture of Kristi Martinez our Fresno Clinical Director

Kristi Martinez MS, BCBA

Clinical Director

Kristi started in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in 2013 as a Behavior Technician (BT). She had always worked with kids in some capacity, and only learned of ABA after her undergraduate program was completed. Once she started working one on one with children as a BT, she fell in love with the field and philosophies of ABA and decided to start a graduate program. Kristi went on to complete her Master’s Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis. She worked her way up to a supervisory position and earned her board certification (BCBA) in 2016. Kristi has worked primarily with youth and adolescence (ages 18 months to 18 years) and also has some additional experience working with adult populations in group homes. She enjoys teaching others ABA and has dedicated herself to improving the quality of services delivered to our clients. Kristi also enjoys data analysis and loves looking for ways to modify programs to best fit individual’s needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions in Fresno

Yes, we do! We invite you to visit us at our Fresno location:

6770 N West Ave
Suite 105
Fresno CA 93711

There are parent organizations and resources within the Fresno area that may be helpful supplements to ABA therapy. Please contact us for more information.

The medical diagnosis must come from a diagnostic provider, such as a Primary Care Physician or Psychologist. Unfortunately, an IEP will not suffice on its own. A diagnostic evaluation, like the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS), would need to be completed.

Therapy sessions might take place in your home or community, depending on what the ALP Clinical team recommends. Each session, a Behavior Technician will work one-on-one with your child, targeting individualized goals embedded into fun and functional activities. Sessions can last 2-4 hours depending on your child’s needs. Parent training is always a part of the treatment plan, as we want you to have that support.

Therapy sessions could take place in your home or community environment, depending on what the ALP Clinical team recommends, and if the school and insurance provides approval.

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