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Center-Based Services

Our center offers a structured environment designed to give your child a safe learning space. It allows your child to work on goals in a more efficient way while creating an opportunity to generalize their skills in a different setting outside of home. We provide focused or comprehensive ABA programs within our center.

parent holding child hand on way to school

Increased Resources

There are a variety of resources available at each of our centers. Given the nature of our centers, we’re able to provide more educational supplies than we could in a home setting. Some of these include tangible supplies, like educational materials, toys or reinforcers, while other resources include increased staff to assist in your child’s development.

School Readiness Skills

Center-based services also provide an opportunity for your child to practice following classroom routines. Having a physical setup similar to what your child can expect from a classroom can help prepare them for the transition to a traditional school environment.

little boy doing homework
parent holding child hand on way to school


Children often learn skills at home and have difficulty demonstrating the same learned skills in less familiar environments. Center-based services offer an ideal setting for children to learn and demonstrate skills in a less familiar environment with different materials and individuals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you diagnose?

Currently, we provide diagnostic services at our Indianapolis, Indiana location. To find a diagnostician near our other U.S. locations, view our comprehensive list of diagnosticians. Additionally, you can use our quick online screening tool prior to meeting with a diagnostician.

Do you have qualified Staff?

Yes! Each ALP region employs BCBAs (Board Certified Behavior Analysts) and Masters level Supervisors who oversee all Clinical operations. Additionally, our Behavior Technicians who carry out the daily treatment programs all receive a comprehensive training program along with regular supervision, support and ongoing training by our senior Clinical staff.

Can I meet the staff (my Behavior Technician) before my child’s treatment begins?

Yes. Your designated Clinical supervisor will review our Client Partnership Agreement with you and help you get oriented to our treatment approach. You will have opportunity to meet the rest of your team as they work with you to become familiar with your child.

Do you require a minimum number of hours?

Yes. We require parents to commit to what is medically necessary for their child to make progress. Your BCBA will prescribe a level of service (number of weekly hours) based on your child’s individual needs that will most likely lead to the best opportunity for behavioral improvements.

Do you provide school-based services?

Yes, we can, if it is considered medically necessary and a recommended service by your ALP Clinical staff. Additionally, your insurance company must approve it, and your school must approve ALP staff to be on premise with your child.

Do you provide services on weekends?

Yes. We regularly provide sessions on weekends. ABA is a daily treatment program and we do offer some of those hours on weekends. Before treatment begins, our Client Services team will inform you of what options are available and finalize your schedule with you.

Do you provide a blended treatment option (e.g. half in home / half in a clinic)?

Yes. We offer a flexible service location offering for our families and will collaborate with your family and what is best for your child.

I already have an ABA provider. Can I only enroll in Social Skills Groups with Autism Learning Partners?

It is possible, but you will need to contact your insurance plan. Many funding sources/insurance providers do not approve more than one authorization for treatment in this area. Please check with your specific provider for their rules and guidelines.

Do I have to be present while my child is receiving services?

In order for a child to make progress, family participation is a vital component. Your Clinical team will recommend a level of participation they determine is necessary. We encourage parents to sit in on sessions as often as they can. You are not required to participate in all ABA sessions, however, a caregiver over the age of 18 must be onsite at the home at all times. For clinic-based appointments, the child may be dropped off.

Can my BT drive my child around, if needed?

No. Your Behavior Technician can accompany your family for a clinically recommended trip. BTs are prohibited from driving the child, however, even if a parent or guardian is present in the car.